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Enhance returns for your fundholders by taking an active role in securities litigation opportunities in your portfolio

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Take an Active Role

Your fund has a relatively large position in a company with opaque disclosure. A negative surprise like a charge-off signals malfeasance, and the stock price drops.

Instead of waiting for your custodian to file a proof of claim for your small portion of the settlement pot (and letting a lot of cases in which you are entitled to a settlement slip through the cracks) you can retain counsel on a contingency fee basis to take an active role in driving the litigation on your behalf for a much higher recovery.

At The Rosen Law Firm, we specialize solely in securities litigation. We are ranked 1st in the nation in number of securities class action settlements by ISS Securities Class Action Services, settling 22 cases in 2017 for approximately $55 million.

In addition we've reached monetary settlement in more than 100 cases in the last 15 years.

Next Steps

Having counsel with extensive experience litigating securities cases in federal court on behalf of investors allows you to drive the course of the litigation and is crucial in helping you realize the maximum possible recovery of your investment losses. Three ways to have your counsel drive the litigation in your favor, and maximize the amount of recovery you receive:

Be a lead plaintiff in a class action. This allows you to accept or reject a settlement on behalf of the class, and participate in formulating the Plan of Allocation, which determines how the settlement funds are allocated to investors.

Opt out of the class action and file your own individual action. Your recovery of losses can be several times larger than in a class action because your counsel is negotiating with the defendant company for a recovery solely on your behalf.

Partner with other investment funds and file a group action. This would signal to the judge that the case has some gravitas, and would minimize any media focus solely on your investment firm’s name.


Corporate malfaesance takes many forms, and was long ago defined in the Securities Act of 1933, and Securities Exchange Act of 1934:

  • False and misleading statements;
  • Accounting irregularities;
  • Self dealing, and many other violations

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