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Experienced Representation

We champion the rights of investors. From large to small, we defend investors' rights.

The Rosen Law Firm is one of the top-ranked securities litigation plaintiff firms in the nation. We represent institutional investors such as pension funds, unions and foundations that fall victim to securities fraud and corporate misconduct throughout the world.

The Rosen Law Firm is ranked 2nd in the nation. We love competition.

Our securities litigation cases range from class actions to cases for individual investors and groups of large investors. Our attorneys are highly experienced in dealing with complex securities cases and have been consistently recognized by courts across the country as dedicated to pursuing the claims of investors with settlement results that exceed the median for the industry.

We speak truth to power. Corporate governance is where we shine.

The Rosen Law Firm has represented private, public and labor union pension funds, and understands the practices most likely to bridge management and shareholder interests. Adoption of effective corporate governance principles through litigation and advocacy allows for greater productivity, shareholder value and transparency.